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NoName presents their new project: Hors-Piste Festival, a two-day, day-time ritual of electronic music.

New space. New journey.
Dancing under the shadows of sheds and chimneys, where workers used to process raw materials, creating mechanical sounds inside the cradle of transformation.

Two Days. Two Floors. Noon to midnight.
A determined multidisciplinary project for contemporary electronic music lovers only.

Rave & club culture.
HP is calling for club lovers to rave among the beats of the worker souls who never left.

Driven by the need to reclaim abandoned locations and bring them back to life.

The urge to rave resonates with the need for a collective trance.

HP welcomes a community that encourages connection and respect.

Participants, artists, staff, it is everyone’s responsibility to safeguard the values of the club culture by creating an inclusive environment for all.


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Ougrée, Liège ― 27-28/07/2024